October 4

This morning the Captain hitchhiked into town to check it out. A brief stop after the Gendarmerie and Customs at the Supermarket to try to spend the rest of our Francs and then back to the boat to prepare for departure.

Our plan was to check out of Wallis and move over to the little motu on the SE corner of the lagoon where there are nice beaches and good protection in case the wind comes back up. Then we can leave tomorrow or the next day if we like (they don't seem to uptight about that sort of thing here). It had been raining and blowing 25-35 since we arrived at Wallis on Monday and today (Thurs) is the first day it is not raining.

We raised the anchor at about 11am and by 1pm we were hook down again at our new anchorage. We are anchored about 200yds from the beach in about 35ft of water sloping up to 18ft before it shallows suddenly to about 5ft. The area is amazingly beautiful and reminds me a lot of Taha'a or Huahine. The lagoon is extensive and there are several lovely looking motus. We plan to have lunch now and then take the dinghy to the beach and walk around.