September 28

At 6am we dropped the mooring ball and motored out of Segond Channel and away from Luganville, almost certainly for the last time for many, many years. The sky was very clear and the channel calm with almost no wind. Our destination is Petersen Bay about 15 miles North of here along the East coast of Espirito Santo.

At 7:45am while passing the Southern tip of Aese Island we hooked a large fish, most likely a Wahoo but due to operator error the fish was lost. The captain was too anxious and pushed the drag up too high and he slipped off. It is now 8:10am and we have about 5 miles to go to reach Petersen Bay. The sky remains clear and the sun is getting hotter. The sea was lumpy before we passed behind Aese island, which forms a Sound between it and the coast, but now is flat calm. There is still no wind at all.

At 8:45am we came in the narrow and shallow entrance to Petersen Bay with the help of Craig and Carol on "Valere" who came out in their dinghy to show us the way. Normally boats anchor in the outer anchorage and explore the inner entrance in a dinghy. However, we were already past high tide and it was falling quickly so if we didn't enter then we would have to wait 6 or 8 hours for the rising tide. We had no trouble and had a least depth of about 7ft.

At 9:15 we anchored behind Oyster Island where there were about 5 or 6 other boats including several that we know including "Valere", "Tevakenui" with Mark, Jane and Marissa, an 8 year-old girl we met a month ago and "Kaya" another boat with kids whom we met in New Caledonia in early June and whose names I forget.