September 23

This morning at about 10:30, after an abbreviated school, we raised anchor to move over to Goat Island (an islet on the Northwest side of Wotje Atoll) about 20 miles away to the West. The skies are clear with about 30% cloud cover and the wind is a gentle 8-10k from the East. We plan to motor all the way to Goat since the wind will be dead astern of us and rigging the main and poled-out genoa for only 3 or 4 hours of sailing is more work then we are willing to do.

It is now 12:30pm and we have about 11 miles to go to reach Goat Island. The clouds are a bit more prevalent it seems and I would estimate them at about 45% now. The wind has decreased to about 6-8k and the lagoon is calm with a slight wind chop.

We reached Goat Island at about 2pm and by 2:30 we had anchored twice and still had only a tenuous hold on the bottom (the ground being shallow sand over coral crust). However, we have a lot of chain out and the wind is very calm. I will keep the GPS anchor alarm on tonight.

The anchorage is more rolly then we expected and choppy. The wind is down to only about 6 to 8k so itís not really too bad. But, we really need to get working on the varnishing (which we started 10 days ago but only finished the stbd caprail) and so we will need to move somewhere more calm tomorrow or the next day.