September 19, 2004

 Today we finally left Majuro after over 3 weeks since returning from the US. We raised the anchor at about 7am and motored West through the lagoon to the pass at Calalin Island which we transited at about 9:15am. We are heading for Wotje Atoll (pronounced Wote-Jay) which lies about 150 miles to the NNW of Majuro. There is now wind. Perhaps 2-3k from the South. We had a day of string Westerlies yesterday which was very uncomfortable but today is clear and sunny with bright skies.

The seas are calm but a big swell is coming in from the SW and rolling us badly from side to side. The wind is about 1k and we are motoring at 6k on a heading of 325M.

At about 4pm a breeze began to come up from the East. It was only about 7 or 8k so we just raised the main and motor sailed, getting a slight boost from the main. By 8pm the breeze was 11-12k and we unrolled the genoa. The wind was from the East and growing by 9pm we had finally shut down the engine and were sailing. We were making about 5 1/2k on a course of 325M. The swells from the West had calmed down and a new swell from the NE is evident, though slight.

By 11:30pm the wind has built to 13-17k and we are sailing at 6.5-7k right on our course. Skies are clear with good star gazing opportunities. We expect to reach the pass into Wotje Atoll at about 11am tomorrow morning.