September 14

Today we left Asanvari on Maewo and headed over to Lolowai on Ambae island, about 12 miles to the West. The sky was partly cloudy and there was practically no wind at all. We raised anchor at 1pm sharp and motored out of the bay into a clearing sky. It is very hot as it has been the last few days and with no wind to speak of we will motor the whole way there.

We are towing our dinghy though we lifted the engine as a precaution and at 2pm we are about 6 miles from Lolowai. We are motoring at a speed of about 5k and the seas are flat calm. There is no swell at all and we are very comfortable all in all. Lolowai has a shallow coral "bar" protecting the bay and is reported to have a least depth of 6' 6" at low tide. The tide is low at noon so we plan to arrive at about 3:15 on a rising tide just in case. Our draft is 5' 6" so we should have no trouble entering as long as we follow the leading lines and stay in the right channel. We should have at least 7' 6" to 8' at that time and expect no trouble.

At 3:30 we arrived at the entrance to Lolowai. We had a bit of difficulty locating the leading lines. We found the bar easily and the leads became obvious in plenty of time to correct. We had 7ft at the least but our sounder is not exactly accurate and in fact reads about 1.5ft too shallow, so I suspect we had 8.5ft at the least. We are anchored now at 3:50. The bay is striking geographically with rocks guarding the way to sea and cliffs ashore. The village looks dirty and scruffy, we are not sure how long we will stay. The water is cloudy and green, not like Maewo where it was crystal clear.