June 8

This morning news of cyclone "Gina" convinced us that there is a chance it will come our way. Given this fact we have left Iles des Pins for Baie de Careenage in the Baie du Prony complex, reputed to be the best hurricane hole in New Caledonia. It is now 8:45am and we have about 7 hours to go to reach the anchorage at Careenage. The skies are completely overcast but the wind is light at 10-12k from the East. We should have good conditions for going North. The total distance to Baie de Careenage is about 44nm.

At 9am a pod of about 6 dolphins was spotted off the bow. All crew was called to the bow and we observed the animals while cheering their good omen to us.

It is now noon and we are motorsailing at 7.2k on a course of 290M. The sky remains mostly cloudy with some sun breaks. The seas remain very calm with almost no swell at all. The wind is between 8 and 9k from the NE. Perfect conditions for going South or North, but we would have preferred this going South and the weather we had last week for now. We have about 16 nm remaining to the anchorage and expect to arrive by 2:30pm.

At 3pm we are now approaching the anchorage at Baie de Careenage. Conditions are the same with overcast skies and light winds. The water in Baie de Prony is calm and the wind is about 6k from the NE. At 3:30pm we are hook down in 20ft of water. There are about 4 or 5 other boats in this arm of the bay. It is narrow and shallow and mangroves thrive on either shore. The wind is dead calm, ok, perhaps 3k and the water is mirror flat. Now we get settled in and wait. With a small amount of luck the hurricane will not pass near to us. Latest forecasts report winds at the center of 80k, 47k fifty miles from the center and 33k 50-150nm from the center. With luck it will pass at least 150nm from here.