May 22

The evening was uneventful and we made good progress toward our goal. The wind was steady from the ESE at 11-14k through the night and the seas remained very calm. There were several squalls visible, even without moonlight, but none came close enough to be a bother to us. Several boats in the vicinity reported being hit by one or more squalls and said that they contained winds up to 25k - not very much.

At 9am local time (we are now on UT -10:00) the wind remains light at 11k from the ESE and we are making 5.5 - 6.5k over ground on a heading of 187M. The swell is from the SE at about 3ft and we are sailing comfortably. At this pace we will have trouble making Raroia in time to catch slack water for entering the pass, but I am hopeful we will get more wind in the next day or two. We need to make an average of 6.5k to arrive at the pass entrance in time to enter at slack water. Entering during the flood tide would be ok as the current would be with us, but it will be easier to enter at slack tide as we will have more time to maneuver at a slower speed.

At about 10am the wind shifted to the NE. Our speed has been reduced to 5k. Suffice it to say the crew is not pleased by this development and the day promises to be quite tedious until things change.

We motor sailed for 2 hours this morning starting at about 11am and then again at 3pm. Its is now 3:30pm local time and we continue to motor sail in light air. The sea remains very calm (of course) and we are making about 6.5k over ground.

On the subject of equipment failure, our forward bilge pump has failed. It began acting weird last night going on and off every 15 seconds or so. We shut it down and this afternoon we removed the forward bunk mattresses and access cover to see what was happening. The short story is the pump runs but does not pump. It sounds like something is stuck in the pump itself - the strainer and pick up are both clear of debris. Unfortunately we cannot remove the pump to investigate because then water runs back into the boat from the hose as the bow plunges into the sea and water rises above the thruhull which is normally above the waterline. We bailed it by hand and will have to deal with it once we are at anchor.

At 5pm local time we are still motoring. The wind is down to about 6k, still from the ENE. Our current plan is to continue to motor until the current tank (#1) is empty and then we will simply have to flail about until the wind picks up, if it ever does.

At 9pm local time there is still no wind. We have shut down the engine and are laying still and waiting for wind.