May 17

This morning we left Taiohae and are now underway bound for Anaho Bay on Nuku Hiva's Northeast coast. First, I went into town to check out at the Gendarmerie, then we hauled the dinghy up on the foredeck and struck the cockpit awning. The stern anchor was a bit of a chore and the rode (rope) was considerably more slimy then when it was deployed nine days ago. In total exhaustion then we motored out of Taiohae Bay at about 11am local time (20:30UT).

After rounding the East Sentinel we immediately had a strike on the line. Many other boats have reported excellent luck catching fish at that spot so we made sure the line was ready on the way out of the bay. Unfortunately it was (yet another) Skipjack. We threw it back. Mostly people catch Yellowfin there (aka Ahe Tuna) but at least one boat reported catching a MahiMahi which are supposedly not plentiful in these waters as compared to tuna. We are once again trolling and still hope to catch a good one before arriving at our destination.

It is now 21:00UT and we are motoring East making 6.5k over ground in bright sunshine and relatively calm seas. The swell is only about 3ft and the wind is about 8k from the East. In another 3 miles we will round Cape Tikapo (aka Cape Martin) and head NE along the islands East coast. The distance to Anaho Bay is about 24nm from Taiohae and we expect to arrive there in about 3 more hours motoring.

At 2pm we arrived at Anaho Bay and anchored in about 45ft of water, a bit deep but not a problem of course. Next to us are Attitude, the English boat with Hanna (9) and William (12) aboard, and their parents too of course. Behind us is Pez Vela and about 6 other boats. The bay is huge and beautiful with several beaches separate by mini-headlands. A huge mountain looms over the bay to the South adding to the drama of the location. We will probably remain here until Sunday morning and then take our leave of Nuku Hiva for the Tuomotus.