May 2

After we rowed into town this morning to get some bread and goodies at the store. At about 10:30am local we stowed the dinghy and upped anchors (both bow and stern) and motored out of the bay into 15k wind from the NE and 4ft swells. We unrolled our genoa to help steady us but in a few minutes we were turning West along the North coast of Ua Pou and soon we were going downwind with the swells and the incredible rolling

By noon we were anchored in Baie d'Hakahatau on the NW coast of Ua Poa with 3 other boats, one of them being our new friends Pez Vela whom we seem to be travelling with now (we don't want to let them get too far out of sight since they have a dive compressor).

The bay here is lovely and we are anchored behind a rocky outcropping on the North coast of the bay. There are one or two native looking buildings (ie. thatched roofs) on the shore and perhaps a few more behind the beach. It seems relatively calm here though there is some swell and it is not the most comfortable anchorage when the wind blows too much from the North.