April 26

By morning the winds had died to 10-12k and we decided to motor sail the remainder of the way so we could get into Kavieng before dark on Sunday. First, however, we had to repair a leak in the autopilot hydraulic system. Once that was done we got under way with the engine. One of the key reasons for this is that our fridge/freezer is on the blink and we cannot make repairs at sea. If we can get into port by tomorrow evening, we think we can make repairs before our meat defrosts.

The sky remains mostly cloudy with 80-90% cloud cover but no more squalls. Winds remained light at 9-12k from the NW all day and we motor sailed at 6.5-7k making good time. At 6pm we are motor sailing at 7k over ground with 11-13k from the NW. Seas are much calmer now and the ride is very comfortable. Several squalls have passed within a few miles of us but no direct hits.

Assuming we maintain an average speed of 6.5k we expect to arrive at Kavieng by 5pm tomorrow evening. Sunset is at 7pm so we should have no trouble anchoring before dark.