April 25

We finally left Kapingamarangi today at about noon. We had wanted to leave in the early morning but when we woke we had strong winds and squalls making the pass too dangerous (low visibility). At about 11am the squalls cleared and the sky was about 90% overcast but with good visibility, so we left. Since we were attached to a mooring with our own tackle it was a bit more difficult then just raising the anchor. First we slipped the bridle off the mooring line and then Kate drove around to the mooring and the captain jumped in with scuba gear and detached the chain and mooring line from the giant anchor which is permanently buried in the coral (Ken from “Magic” pointed it out to us when we arrived and it was a godsend considering the poor holding in the lagoon here). Once Jordan had disconnected the tackle Kate drove back to pick him up and we hauled the gear aboard.

Skies are 100% overcast and the wind is from the NW. Seas are rough with a big swell from the NW. By the time we exited the pass the wind was back up to 20k and we raised sail immediately. We had decent sailing for an hour or two but then a series of massive squalls enveloped us and we had winds in the 25-30k range for the entire day and into the early evening. Just after dark we saw two ships about 3 and 8 miles off to our West. Both appeared to be steaming West and we had no problem avoiding them. This was during a very big squall and we had wind in the 25-28k range at that point.

By 8pm the winds had died to 17-18k and we sailed easily, though in a developed sea, through the night, though the crew was exhausted and demoralized.