February 28, 2004

Today we moved to an anchorage along the East side of the atoll behind some of the little, nicely spaced islets (motus) which line the Eastern edge of the lagoon. We are behind one which may be called Rugerukku or perhaps its neighbor Bauejin, its hard to tell from the charts since all of them look alike. The GPS is not much use since its has some error when plotted on the charts which can amount to up to a half mile or so and considering how small each islet is we could be next to one of 3 different ones. In fact, however, it really doesn't matter too much. 

The weather is windy and at the main village where we were anchored this morning we were recording winds of 18-20k. Here we are definitely getting more protection and the winds are commensurately lower, say in the 13-16k range. The skies are mostly clear with about 35% cloud cover and the air is, as always, very warm. We're not sure how long we will stay at this spot. There looks to be much coral around and some good snorkeling with some potentially good scuba diving at the isolated coral pinnacles which appear to come up to just below the surface and go down to about 140ft. We will investigate later today.