February 25, 2004

We left Annemwanot in the Majuro lagoon at 12:45am this morning. A nice rain shower passed over us just after we left but then it passed and we had nice, clear skies and many stars. At about 2:30am we left the Majuro lagoon via the Calalin Pass and are heading NW towards Ailuk. We have about 15-18k of wind from the ENE. Seas are lumpy and since its very dark we cannot judge wave heights, but it is not bad at all. We are making about 8k over the ground which is a bit faster then we need to go but since it is 225 miles to Ailuk we can worry about slowing down later (to avoid a night time arrival).

We sailed through the night making great time doing 8k or better in lumpy seas. At sunrise we had about 18-20k of wind from the East an clear skies. It is now 12 noon and we are sailing in the lee of Aur Atoll which lies about 70 miles North of Majuro. We have winds of about 15-28k from the ENE and the seas are fairly calm behind the atoll. Shortly we will poke out from behind Aur and in the channel between Aur and Maloelap the seas will be rougher. After passing Maloelap we have a final leg of about 90 miles to reach Ailuk which we expect will occur tomorrow morning just after sunrise. We will certainly have to slow the boat down at some point before then so we do not arrive too early. We will need good light to negotiate the entrance to Ailuk which appears to have several reefs strewn about inside the pass.

It is now 11pm and we have about 65 miles to go to reach the pass into Ailuk Atoll. Conditions today were excellent with winds at 15-18k from the ENE and seas moderate. Since about 6pm as we passed North of Maloelap Atoll the seas have become rougher with confused seas and swells. The wind has increased to 19-24k from the NE and we are on a course of 316M. We expect to reach the atoll (at a point just to the South of the Southernmost point of the atoll) at about 7:30am after which we will need about an hour and a half to move up the West side of the atoll to the pass. We expect to enter the pass at about 9am.