February 11, 2004

This morning we raised anchor at about 7:20am. We had waken at about 6am to overcast and showers which is what we had on Monday, the day before yesterday. Yesterday it cleared and we had a glorious sunny day, but I was convinced the clouds and rain we had from Sunday were heading South and so I wanted to wait one more day so we wouldn't end up sailing right into it. Bad idea.

We finally left at 7:30 and it was partially clearing. We motorsailed to the pass, about five miles away and left the lagoon at about 8:10am. The wind was blowing fairly hard at about 25k from the NE and we had a mainsail with a single reef and about 80% of our genoa. We immediately took off on our course at about 8k. Seas were about 4-6ft until we got out into the channel between Maloelap and Aur where they were running more like 6-8ft.

At noon we have passed Aur Atoll to port and we now have 52.5 miles to go to reach the pass into Majuro lagoon. Seas are about 7ft and our course is 161M. Our speed is still about 8k, sometimes a bit higher.

At 2:30pm we have a slight drop in windspeed and our speed over ground down a bit to 7-7.5k. We passed through some rain squalls, some with 25-30k of wind in them. We have 33 miles to go to reach Calalin Pass into Majuro lagoon. We expect to arrive at about 7:15pm, about 30 minutes after sunset. This should give us just enough light to line up before it gets dark.

At 7:15 we have entered the lagoon with no trouble just after dark as planned. The markers were well lit and having come through the pass twice before (once in each direction) it was quite obvious where everything was.

We motorsailing East through the lagoon about 7.5 miles to the islet of Annemwanot, where we have anchored several times before and dropped the hook in about 40ft of water at 8:40pm. The crew is exhausted and we ate a quick dinner of macaroni and cheese and were in bed by 10pm.