Jonah's Yackety Yack

Here are some samples of some of the cute and inciteful things Jonah has had to say about life, sailing, fish, other kids, and toys - his favorite subjects.


We were speaking with Jonah about what he was going to do when he grows up. He said he would buy us a house when he is rich and we are poor. Jordan told him not to worry about that and that we would be very happy even if he wasn't rich. 

Jonah: "I hope I grow up nice and thin." 

Jonah: "I hope that's not an insult to you dad."


Jonah was playing on the boat when he decided he wanted to visit his friends on another dock. When he looked up both parents were gone (one was on the boat in the next slip helping with a computer problem, the other was standing on the dock a few slips down chatting with someone). 

Jonah left and went to visit his friends without informing either parent. Both parents return home and find the boy gone. They locate him on the next dock and call out for him to come home.

When asked why he would leave without asking permission (a big no-no):

Jonah: "If I could spell 'left' I would have written you a note saying 'I left', but I couldn't spell 'left'". 

Sounds reasonable to us...


After being told he will spend the whole day in his room if he doesn't stop goofing around during school. 

Jonah: "Run that by me again, missus." (in a menacing, 50s gangster voice)

Hey Jonah, guess what we are having for dinner tonight? 

Jonah: "What?"

Dad "Fish!"

Jonah: "That's one big surprise. NOT!"


Jonah: "Daddy I am way beyond ticklish."


Jonah (in the shower with no hot water): "Its cold as ice in winter with no jacket."


Sitting at school with his mom, Kate was wondering aloud about the source of the massive headache she was experiencing.

Kate: I wonder what triggered this headache? 

Jonah: You probably thought about your worst nightmare and that's what made it trigger. Your worst nightmare. Worst nightmare.


After dinner Jonah asked his mom what he could have for desert. Kate looks in the reefer and says she has some rice pudding. Here's what he says.

Jonah: Rice Pudding, rice pudding. Yes, that is exactly what I would like. Rice pudding is my destiny. 

Kat: It's your destiny? 

Jonah: Oh, I was just having a little joke. 


This came out of an argument about him making too much noise and jumping up and down on the bed while mom and dad were trying to talk. 

Jonah: Can't you give me just one, just one day where I can do whatever I want? 

Dad: No.


Dad: What is that you are wiping on the wood?

Jonah: Boogeys.

Dad: Yuck!


I think this was after I wouldn't let him watch TV, again.

Jonah: "There you go again. Every question I ask of you the answer is NO!"

Then he looked at the paper where I wrote that down (I jotted it down on paper right when he said it).

Jonah: "That's not very good writing. That's very messy writing dad."


Last night Jonah was running around with a blanket on his back like a cape. He comes into our room and Kate says how about a hug.

Jonah: "I am the god of hugging!"


This morning Jonah was playing a new computer game which featured a good deal of math and spelling.

Kate: "You are working so hard Jonah I may have to give you credit for school work"

Jonah: "Yeah, I'm working so hard you're going to have to PAY me!".


Kate put bug spray on Jonah since there have been some mosquitoes in the evening lately.

Jonah: "Now those mosquitoes will think twice before they bite my back".


Jonah keeps trying to slap us on the butt, as a joke (he thinks its very funny). So Jordan tells him if he spankes him he will give him ten in return. So he does it, of course.

Jordan gave him ten light "slaps" on the top of his head instead.

Jonah:  "That's not my butt that's my head".

Jordan: "Looks like your butt to me."

Jonah (pointing at his butt): "No, this is my butt!"

Jordan: "Looks like your head to me!"

Jonah: "Dad, you got no brain. I'm gonna call you Jordan No Brain from now on".


Jonah was asked about what they thought "savages" were in the book Robinson Crusoe just after reading a passage where the character remarks on his lack of furniture, 

Jonah: "Back then they had very high standards. You had to at least wear clothes and use furniture."